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Fulfilling the needs of current generations
without compromising
the future of generations to come

ecological responsibility

Our Great Grandfather, noted conservationist, Fred W Besley, was Maryland’s First State Forester and the 3rd in the nation. Often referred to as a pioneer in his field, his dedication to preservation and good stewardship still lives on at Potomac Excavating as we strive to be an environmental leader in the excavating industry.

At first glance it may seem that the concepts of excavation and conservation are dire opposites; however Potomac Excavating takes great care in conserving the natural materials that are cleared on our site projects.

Fred Besley_edited.jpg

Trees are the outstanding feature of the Maryland landscape, and are among the largest and oldest of living things. Trees in excess of 400 years old have been reported in the state. - Fred W. Besley  

Pure Design & VAlue Engineering

At Potomac, we believe that good stewardship and care for our client's needs go hand in hand.


Through meticulous planning and advanced value engineering we take great care to minimize the areas touched by construction, while simultaneously improving design aesthetics and saving our customers money.


Whether it's through blasting, crushing, and reutilizing thousands of tons of rock on the site or redesigning green spaces to accommodate tons of expansive clay, we are often able to greatly cut costs for our clients through our conservation practices.


These practices also reduce imports and exports for our jobs, lessening the carbon footprint on our sites. Which in turn saves money by decreasing our use of fossil fuels by thousands of gallons. 

All of this is done while increasing the overall beauty and function of the site.

This is the essence of Pure Design in the excavating industry. 

Logs in Forest

clearing & reforestation

Lumber on Trailer.png

One of the critical components of a recent project, was the clearing and reforestation of over 22 acres of forest. 

Lumber Pic.png

We took great care to only clear what was absolutely necessary. The cleared forest materials were processed into usable lumber and seasoned bio-mulch.


The recycled and seasoned bio-mulch was used in the fourteen storm ponds placed throughout the site.


We are no longer so rich that we can afford to throw away our heritage. - Fred W Besley

storm ponds

Stormwater runoff is one of the fastest growing sources of pollution, which makes managing it a top priority when preparing a site for construction.

When rain hits rooftops, parking lots and roads instead of wetlands, forests and grasslands, it tends to run into storm drains that are directly connected to our waterways. 

To prevent harmful pollutants from reaching vital bodies of water, storm ponds are required to be created on sites. As a practice, Potomac Excavating recycles the natural resources on site and uses them in these ponds. 

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